"PASIDARYK pats" Ambi Light Svajonių Spalva Dackground Apšvietimo Rinkinys PC Svajonė Ekranas USB LED Juostelės HD Kompiuterio Monitorius, KOMPIUTERIO Ekrano Apšvietimas Juostelės

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Žymos: led juostelėmis ir, ledstrips pasiūlymą, atostogų juostelės, pc rgb, tuya ambilight, lempa led, svajonė tv ekrane, vyrai kompiuteris, led juostelė tv, stebėti vnt.

  • Modelio Numeris: s167
  • Sertifikavimo: FCC
  • Atsparus vandeniui: Taip
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: mixxar
  • Savybės: Nešiojamieji
  • spalva: juoda
  • Elemento Tipas: Juostelės
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)

Patricia Battle2021-02-07
"It's cool! The backlight changes according to the image on the screen! I had to hang around a little bit, but the main thing is that everything turned out! True, I still need to extend the cable to the tape itself, because. The program initially has the original diode in the lower right/left corner of the screen, and I do not have enough length. Photo by settings I attach, the driver needs to search for the device ID, in the program to set the port to which Ambilight is attached, it is looking for in the device manager manager I recommend to everyone, the seller is well done, sent quickly, delivery to the same-2 weeks! 5 Stars! The backlight changes according to the image on the screen! True, I still need to lengthen the cable to the tape itself, because the program initially places a lot of time in the room. I attach a photo of the settings, you need to look for the driver by the device ID, set the port to which the device is connected."
"The device is not recognized by Windows. It's a scam endorsed by AliExpress. When you buy it and it doesn't work for you, aliExpress sends you back to China which is a paste. Or if you decide to keep the product, aliExpress does not reimburse you anything, 0 euros. Pleased to have AliExpress protect scammers, and keep your products on sale for future scams. The truth has never happened to me. But if you buy from a seller without positive valuation, let you know that AliExpress defends the scam. The product has no digital signature and is not recognized."

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